LED Signs Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know about LED Signs

LED signs are a new and rapidly growing medium of communication that provides businesses with an exciting range of ways to interact with their customers, increase brand awareness, increase turnover, and have a better profit margin and much more.


Our goal is to offer you details of what concerns and decision making should be addressed in order to make optimum use of the investment in LED displays.

We are looking at the following FAQs in this regard:

What are LED signs?

Walk into any restaurant, hotel, retail store, movie theatre, health club or any such organization and it is highly likely that you will be greeted with an electronic sign that is either promoting the brand, advertising products, inviting you to interact with the display or providing you with directions inside the organization.

This is the world of digital signage – A new and powerful medium of communication that reaches out to people whether they are travelling, waiting, shopping, and going to school and more.

Retailers have successfully used LED displays by placing them at the right locations and displaying the right content. By doing so, retailers are enhancing the customer shopping experience – showcasing new inventory, informing about promotions and giving customers new ideas that drive sales.

How are LED signs being used in different industries?


Transportation – at airports, train stations and subways, digital displays inform travelers regarding schedules while also advertising relevant products and services.


Educational environments – communicating with students, replacing bulletin boards and printed calendars, and playing an important role in the emergency alert system.

Restaurants – streamlining the ordering process and allows customers to interact with electronic signs using their smart phones.

Hotels – providing guests with useful information about activities and services in and around the hotel and also providing way-finding information to guests.

What can I expect from an LED display?


It is agreed that the initial investment cost for LED Signage is quite high. However, there is plenty of research and calculations that show you how fast you can not only recover the investment cost but also increase your profits as a result of electronic signs. In fact, signs are proven to be the most effective and yet, least costly form of advertising methods for small businesses. Here is an example of a calculation that will show you how quickly you can get your ROI and see better profits.

A car dealership is estimating a 5% increase in business as a result of the latest investment in a programmable LED sign. Profit margins on the sale of new cars range from 2 – 4%. So we will assume a 3% margin for a new car that costs $30,659 = $920 per car. The estimated increase in business means that if 60 cars are sold previously, the new sales figure would be 63. Therefore, monthly profits increase by $2,760. Hence, the investment of $50,000 for the LED sign can be covered in 18 months.


How are electronic signs different to other advertising forms?


In today’s digital world, traditional advertising has many disadvantages:

  • expensive and quite wasteful

  • cannot guarantee that the correct target market is reached

  • is transmitted based on another person’s orders and schedule. If you are on a contract basis, any urgent messages cannot be sent across.


Internet Advertising is another popular method with which targeting specific audiences is possible but also carries the risk of being collected with a lot of other unwanted advertisements. Due to this “noise”, internet users probably won’t even notice your advertisement or may have instructed their browsers to block all advertisements.

LED signs on the other hand are better in many ways:

  • LED displays are not just signs; they can be embedded into almost anything – an elevator, a fuel station pump or even a vending machine.

  • Electronic signs are more than just a one way flow of information – people can interact with these signs by way of touch screens or via their mobile phones.

  • Smart digital signs allow to gather information such as audience analytics. Information such as age and gender can be used to create more relevant content, better product placement and store design. In fact, the content on the screen can also be changed based on the demographics of the person.

  • Because LED displays are so mainstream, you can use your investment as a means of creating additional revenue by choosing to accept third party advertising.

What are the benefits of investing in LED displays?


Increased turnover: Sale price on a particular item, countdown discounts, and cross-sell messages are the kind of content that are clear calls-to-action.


Brand awareness: Content on some LED signs are catered only towards building a business brand and encouraging customers to have a better opinion and experience in conjunction with that brand.



Advertising: Owners of LED screens can sell or rent part of the real estate on the screen to third parties for advertising their products in return for a price. For example, screens in public places may be funded by local attractions such as restaurants and theme parks. Restaurant LED signs may also have beer companies purchasing ad space from them.


Engage and entertain customers: It is a known fact that if you are given something to occupy yourself with while waiting, the wait feels shorter. LED signs can accomplish this task by providing entertainment and lifestyle content to make a waiting customer feel better.


Internal communication: Indoor LED signs used within an office, institute, or organization can thoroughly improve communications. Recognizing achievements, boosting morale, and improving organizational processes are just a few types of content that these electronic signs could host. Furthermore, by integrating business processes with LED screens, real time information regarding inventory can be displayed. Any emergency situation such as a machine break down or fire alert can immediately be displayed on LED screens in relevant departments of the organization.


Public announcements: programmable LED displays can also be used to broadcast evacuation orders and time sensitive information in ways that cannot be ignored by the public. This benefit is most valuable in educational environments. Today’s tech savvy youth respond better to information exaggerated on a larger scale.

Are there any proven success statistics for digital signage?


Of course! There are several studies with several proven success statistics for programmable LED signs. Let us look at a few…

  • When electronic signs are placed in public venues, they reach more customers than advertisements on social media platforms. One in every two Americans has seen a digital billboard every week.

  • Of those travelers who remember the ads they see, 71% thought billboard advertisements are more effective than online ads and 46% thought billboards are even better than television ads.

  • LED sign boards motivate customers to perform an action. One study showed that only six people reacted to the message displayed on the static sign while over 600 people reacted to the message on the electronic sign.

  • A recent study showed that digital signage proved to be 34% more effective in promoting specific items as compared to traditional signage.

  • LED sign boards placed at POS terminals play a major role in increasing brand awareness. Studies found that there was a 31% increase in customers recalling a brand that they were exposed to at a POS LED sign board. Brands that were studied during this research have experienced as much as 30% sales increment.

  • LED signage helps distract customers and keep them happy while they wait and also allows a store to manage queues effectively. By displaying useful information on electronic signs, there is a proven 35% decrease in perceived waiting time.

  • Digital signage is not complicated! With modern software, updating signs is easier than ever. 90% small business owners in a survey mentioned that there was no trouble in figuring it out and 89% of them recommended the use of electronic signs to others.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor LED signs?


are used mostly in indoor settings for enhancing customer experiences, providing product information, providing way-finding facilities to passersby and also for internal corporate communication. Outdoor LED billboards are usually placed on busy roads and highways and are mostly used for advertising products and promotions and creating brand awareness.

3 major differences in the technical aspects of outdoor and indoor LED signs are as follows:

  • Display resolution: Outdoor LED signs for businesses are usually intended to be viewed from a distance and can rely on lower resolution but should not compromise one bit on brightness visibility. Indoor LED signs however should have a higher display resolution in order to achieve maximum picture quality.

  • Display brightness: With outdoor LED signs, you have to consider bright sunlight which makes the display dull and difficult to read. Indoor digital displays do not have to deal with the unpredictability of outdoor weather conditions and are therefore manufactured to be less bright.

  • Display durability: This is the most obvious difference between the two. Outdoor displays obviously have to be durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and will need extra components to protect themselves. Indoor LED signs are not exposed to such elements and hence do not require additional protection.

What are the types of available LED screens?

When investing in an LED sign, make sure you conduct your research and look at the different options available. Balance out the pros and cons of different types of LED signs and decide which one is best for your business.


Below are the types of LED signs available at Fintage LED.

  1. Billboard Signs: Communicate your message to thousands of people driving by every day with an innovative digital billboard design.

  2. LED School Signs

  3. Fire Department Signs

  4. Auto Dealer Signs: Useful information displayed on LED signs throughout your auto dealership will not only drive sales but also work wonders in occupying your customers while they are waiting to be served.

  5. Restaurant Signs: Reap the convenience and benefits of a digitalized menu board and offer customers a finer dining experience at your restaurant.

  6. Shopping Centre LED Signs: Strategically placed LED signs at shopping center's will be of great help to customers when it comes to obtaining wayfinding, product, brands and store information within the shopping center.

  7. Combo Signs: Improve your brand image with expertly designed combo LED signs that are dual purpose, energy efficient and have exceptional image quality.

  8. Monument Style Signs: Turn your business sign into a landmark by investing in customized monument style LED signs and attracting the attention of every individual walking or driving past your business.

  9. Other Retail Signs: Promoting your retail business through a cleverly designed LED sign is the most profitable advertising form.

  10. LED Panels: Give your event a sophisticated look by installing LED panels on location

  11. Mobile LED Signs: Convert your vehicle into a messaging device by mounting mobile LED signs on it. Earn additional revenue with this clever investment.

  12. Stage Rental LED Signs: Rent large outdoor LED screens for your stage shows to provide amazing color effects, imagery and virtual scenes that enhance the overall look of the stage.

  13. Stadium LED Signs: Make sure your audience does not miss a moment of action by installing massive stadium LED signs that provide top notch visual performance and have suitable structures for different stadiums.

  14. Video Walls

  15. Transparent LED Wall Displays: Make use of the glass walls in your store by installing transparent LED wall displays.

  16. LED Gas Price Signs: Attract traffic with a vibrantly designed LED gas price sign. It is the best solution for your petrol station to gain a competitive advantage at an extremely affordable price.

  17. LED Street Light Solutions: Give your city a new look by investing in new lighting technology that is not just affordable but also extremely energy efficient.

Each of these digital signs are available in different sizes and shapes so you can choose according to your requirements. Simply get in touch with us via phone or email and a consultant will get back to you to cater to providing you with the best digital signage solution.