The importance of Outdoor LED Video Wall

Earlier posters and print ads were used by people for promotions and various other communication programs. In today’s modern tech-savvy world, everyone is switching from image to video format LED displays for ads & communication purposes.

The LED Video wall screens not only appeal but also catch the eye of numerous people and the audience.

Outdoor LED video walls are designed in such a way to catch the attention of numerous audiences.

An outdoor LED video wall, as the name suggests “outdoor”, is a large billboard that displays adverts, information, and any kind of content like video, GIFs, etc.

This provides an improved viewing experience for the audience & helps in catching the viewer’s attention more than any other medium of the display.

Outdoor LED video walls are designed with the assistance of DIP technology. That is the reason outdoor LEDs are suitable for any kind of weather.

These kinds of LED video walls are useful for streaming live events, promoting & marketing brands, and providing informational messages.

In this new tech-savvy modern world, LED Video Walls are gaining popularity day by day.

The most important aspect to be considered before finalizing the Outdoor LED Video wall are:

Viewing distance: The pixel pitch and viewing angle will be determined by the height at which the LED display is mounted. Outdoor displays normally begin at a P4 pixel pitch & go up to P10. The pixel pitches of an outdoor LED at a height of 15 to 20 feet should be P8 or P10.

Maintenance: Outdoor LEDs are mounted at high positions in a manner that makes repair & maintenance easy. A perfect outdoor LED video wall cabinet contains both the front as well as back access for easy maintenance.

Consistent displays: Outdoor LED Video walls are exposed to extreme weather conditions. They should therefore be most adaptable.

After adding an outdoor LED video wall screen, nearly 70% of the brands witness a 30% improvement in their revenue. If you are searching for outdoor LED video wall manufacturers in India you can contact us for all the details.

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