4 Signage Trends of the Future

The rate of change due to new technological advances are rapidly changing the landscape for almost every industry. The signage industry is no exception. Consequently, these advances means the signage industry will be able to cater to consumers needs more effectively.

Here are 4 signage trends of the future:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): you can’t go a day without hearing about AI. It has become so omnipresent, that it’s even seeping into the signage industry. With AI’s capabilities, signs will be able interact with customers in increasingly sophisticated ways.

  2. Digitization: even though we love our non-digital signs, we know they won’t be around forever. Digital LED signs are clearly the future. Their growing popularity is proof of this. Therefore, with endless possibilities for content and endless possibilities for screen designs (i.e. thin, curved etc.), it’s no wonder they are becoming the preferred sign type.

  3. E-commerce Integration: the ability to consume almost anywhere will include signage. Waiting at a bus stop and scrolling through grocery items will be a thing of the very near future.

  4. Resolutions: each year lower resolution signs are becoming obsolete. LED panels are increasingly becoming more efficient, meaning they use less energy and have a higher output. They are also costing less, which is great for everyone.

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